Corrugated packaging

Four valve boxes are the most popular package of corrugated packaging, which are great not only for the transport and storage of various commodities and goods, but also during moves, as well as for keeping various items.

Boxes for furniture

Boxes for furniture made of corrugated cardboard are universal. Unlike wooden and plywood crates they have low weight. Given the fact that the furniture itself is heavy, its ease of packaging is a significant advantage.

Air bubble film

Air bubble film is a well-proven polymer material. It is indispensable when you need to transport furniture, home appliances, electronics, and any fragile items. Air bubble film has many advantages, thanks to which it gained its popularity as a packaging material


Packaging and protective mesh has been designed for careful storage, packaging, pre-packing and transport of products. To date, the mesh is widely used in industries such as metal processing, mechanical engineering, processing industry, furniture manufacturing, poultry and many others.