Cardboard is a packaging material which is characterized by not only light weight and low cost, but high physical parameters.

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Packaging and protective mesh has been designed for careful storage, packaging, pre-packing and transport of products.

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is a well-proven polymer material. It is indispensable when you need to transport furniture, electronics and any fragile items.

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We produce packaging meeting your individual requirements, as well as a standard cardboard packaging for transporting goods. Our facilities allow us to manufacture packaging at any difficulty, shapes and sizes from different cardboard grades. Using FEFCO catalog you can easily choose the most suitable type of packaging and quickly place an order.

We can manufacture folded, glued and cut boxes and cases from corrugated cardboard and micro-corrugated cardboard for the different applications.
Packaging from cardboard are not only lightweight and comfortable to use, they are also perfectly protect from any mechanical damage during transportation. Cardboard boxes can be printed as well.
This type of packaging is easily recyclable and environment friendly!

We produce

  • Standard corrugated cardboard boxes by FEFCO standards;
  • Non-standard corrugated cardboard boxes;
  • Package for furniture pieces;
  • Protective corners.

We offer cardboard packaging from the following board grades:

microcorrugated cardboard:

  • 1,5 mm (3-ply)


  • 3 mm (3-ply);
  • 4 mm (3 -ply);
  • 4,5 mm (5-ply);
  • 7 mm (5-ply).;

Due to reasonable price and good quality of end products, work with us is easy and profitable!