Dividers are longitudinal and transversal corrugated cardboard partitions with perforations that are parallel …

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Complex corrugated packaging

Complex die-cut corrugated packaging is manufactured on special equipment, using stamping forms and has …

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Corrugated packaging

Four valve boxes are the most popular package of corrugated packaging, which are great not only for the transport and …

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Boxes for furniture

Boxes for furniture made of corrugated cardboard are universal. Unlike wooden and plywood crates …

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Corrugated cardboard is a packaging material used in industry, which is characterized by not only light weight and low cost, but high physical parameters. It is one of the most common materials in the world for use as packaging. A peculiar feature of the corrugated cardboard manufacture is the ability to use paper and paperboard made from recycled paper that is positive in terms of saving resources and environment protection. The disadvantage of corrugated board is its low humidity resistance.