Mesh for packaging and pre-packing

Mesh for packaging and pre-packing is a convenient and presentable packaging for fruits, vegetables, nuts, toys and many other goods.

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Protective mesh sleeves

has been designed to protect items against damage caused by mechanical contact, which often occurs during transport or storage without protection.

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Separating mesh

has been designed to prevent deformation, scratches, chips and other damage of painted or treated parts, billets and tools.

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Meshes for washing and drying

are intended to minimize damages, for optimum effective cleaning and drying of products on all sides.

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Packaging and protective mesh has been designed for careful storage, packaging, pre-packing and transport of products. To date, the mesh is widely used in industries such as metal processing, mechanical engineering, processing industry, furniture manufacturing, construction, horticulture, dairy, poultry and many others.
The mesh is made of polymers, due to which it has cushioning properties, springiness, strength, elasticity, versatility and ease of use. Durability of the mesh and its low price make it possible to significantly reduce costs. Because of its qualities, the polymer mesh is becoming more and more popular with each passing year.