Mesh for packaging and pre-packing

1Mesh for packaging and pre-packing is a convenient and presentable packaging for fruits, vegetables, nuts, toys and many other goods.
With a variety of cell size and versatility, you can easily find the right mesh as a solution for customer’s individual needs.

Packing mesh is widely used for pre-packing onions, apples, potatoes, nuts and other products. Due to air circulation, vegetables and fruits are stored much longer.

Through cells of different sizes one can clearly see the brand, shape, color and other qualities of goods to purchase. The goods sold in such packaging have more presentable appearance on store shelves.

Mesh for packaging have different diameters, so well suited for packing Christmas trees, plants and other products of large dimensions.

The mesh can be used both alone and in combination with other packing materials.

Due to ease of use, inexpensive price and protective properties, our meshes are widely used in trade, processing industry and agriculture.