Meshes for washing and drying

Meshes for washing and drying are intended to minimize damages, for optimum effective cleaning and drying of products on all sides.

28Depending on characteristics of the cleaning system you can select a mesh made of:
Polyamide (PA) – for cleaning with aqueous detergents, and Polypropylene (PP) – for cleaning with chemical solutions, for example, solvents or hot solvents.
Special design of cells allows water, air and detergents to circulate freely in the process of cleaning or drying.
The use of such meshes helps to protect your products from chipping and damage.
Meshes are made of non-toxic polymers and are reusable. Due to their versatility, they are ideal for use in various industrial processes and food enterprises.
We offer separating meshes with different cell sizes and thickness that will help find the best solution for your challenge.