Protective mesh sleeves

a0f_imag0300Tubular protective mesh sleeves has been designed to protect items against collision and damage caused by mechanical contact, which often occurs during transport, storage or during loading of parts packaged without protection.

Protection of tools, parts and heavy products.
Tubular meshes are a perfect protection for the parts, tools and billets both during transport and during production. Mesh sleeves with increased substance provide excellent protection for large and heavy items.

Protection of glass and ceramic products.
Mesh sleeves are ideal for packing bottles and crockery. The mesh ensures the integrity of products during transport and storage, creating a presentable appearance.
Safety mesh takes the form of a packaged object, serves as a shock-absorbing shell and prevents objects and their surface from bumps, scratches, chipping and attrition. Such mesh is great for storage and transport of ceramics, sanitary ware, glass, porcelain and crystal.

Protection of furniture and fittings.
Mesh sleeves are used for reliable protection during transport of furniture; even a small scratch on a chair leg can be a reason for not buying it. With the mesh for furniture it is possible to protect those elements that are particularly vulnerable to damage: fittings, door handles, chair legs, small decorations of headboards, etc.

Protective mesh sleeve can be used alone or in combination with other materials for packaging.