Separating mesh

Separating mesh has been designed to prevent deformation, scratches, chips and other damage of painted or treated parts, billets and tools.
These meshes protect the surface from contacts and mechanical collisions.

Separating meshes are convenient and advantageous to apply:
– Meshes are made of different polymers and can be used with light and heavy metals and products. Separating meshes reliably protect products from heavy materials.

– Separating mesh sleeves are very flexible and optimally fit a variety of surfaces, that is good for preventing direct contact between parts of the product.

– Meshes are resistant to oils and greases, used in the manufacture of machinery and technical equipment.
– Meshes are moisture resistant and provide good air circulation, which, thanks to the large cells, prevents formation of condensation, if the product was not quite dry.

– Meshes are suitable for multiple use; they can be washed.
– Meshes ensure correct distance and maximum protection, while taking up a minimum of space. Separating meshes can be used for simple storage or transport in boxes, containers or pallets.

Separating meshes are made of PE-LD materials and EVA.

We offer separating meshes with different cell sizes and thickness that will help find the best solution for your challenge.